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A Year Of Creating Impact with Energy

Exactly one year ago, Infra Futura started its journey in Sub-Saharan Africa, creating a subsidiary in Ghana, for future local growth of clean, safe and affordable energy solutions.

We, that created INFRA, had one large goal: Achieving impact on all global development goals set by the UN (SDG’s) within the next 24 months.

We shouldn’t be just another energy engineering company. Rather, we are the impact energy company. Closing in on the Holidays, our Christmas gift to our loved ones is one year of hard work on our way reaching impact on all global development goals.

Below are some of the highlights from this year that we want to share with you:

Q1 2019

INFRA establishes a local head office in Accra, Ghana and employs our first local team member, Nickie Johnson, as Head of Business development. Nickie is our first young African women leader in Sub-Saharan Africa.

INFRA is chosen as energy solution partner by CHAG (Christian Health Association of Ghana) to develop energy solutions for a pipeline of 95 hospitals within the administration. A pilot is planned to be executed during 2019.

INFRA becomes the system technology provider of Tesvolt battery systems, to be the Tesvolt design and installation partner in Ghana.

Q2 2019

INFRA is granted 34 000 Euros from NEFCO for project development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

INFRA partners with Norwegian Project Financier, Empower New Energy Group, for project development in West Sub-Saharan Africa.

INFRA initiates a student collaboration with KTH in Sweden and the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana, led by Prof Lina Bertling Tjernberg and Ebenezer Nyarko Kumi. The project is engaging young engineers in Sweden and Ghana to collaborate in evaluating environmental and economic benefits with solar in combination with storage for health institutions.

Q3 2019

INFRA installs a Solar-PV and battery storage system at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital.

INFRA wins a bid to design and install an energy solution at the UNICEF office in Mogadishu, Somalia. INFRA becomes a sub-contractor to RA International. RA International, like INFRA, is outspoken in working towards the global SDGs, specifically in remote and challenging areas, such as Somalia, Sudan and Tchad.

INFRA grows within management, employing a new company strategist, Gunilla Sunnros, and a CEO, Francis Asante, for Infra Futura Ltd in Ghana.

INFRA decides to increase commitment towards young Africans and employs three young talents from the national service program in Ghana.

INFRA partners with ASPER AS, an engineering and project developer in Benin/Togo, to initiate development of off-grid systems for rural areas.

INFRA partners with a new forefront Swedish energy storage technology supplier, Azelio, aiming for a first commercial pilot in Ghana during 2020.

Q4 2019

INFRA wins a bid to design and install an energy solution for a complete off-grid system in Ghana.

INFRA finalizes a full project development for a large recycling factory for plastics in Ghana.

INFRA partners with E3C, an energy solution project developer in Senegal, to collaborate on energy systems for hospitals in Senegal.

INFRA partners with SolarGen in East Africa, to support with our energy storage solutions. SolarGen is an energy solution provider located in Kenya/Somalia.

INFRA grows and strengthens the senior engineering team in Ghana, both within system design and installation management.

INFRA finalizes a student project in collaboration with KTH in Sweden and UENR in Ghana, where the environmental an economic benefit with solar-PV and storage systems are presented.

INFRA is invited as keynote speaker at the seat summit for EVs in Africa – energy storage now and 2025. INFRA will present new technology and create partnerships for growth within sustainable cities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We look forward to a prosper 2020 – for INFRA, but not at least for the future of young people on this planet. There are more goals to fulfil. We believe that new business models need to have a holistic approach to survive on a surviving planet.

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ulrika Tornerefelt,
Founder and Group CEO, Infra Futura

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